Rios Tuff Majic
APHA #1102475
Foaled: June 13, 2020
Sire: One Tuff Majic
Dam: Blus Tuff Showdown
Rio is a 2020 black overo stallion that will eventually turn gray. He is ready to start riding or use him as a stallion. He is color tested: EE, Aa, W20, NG. 
PRICE: $4,000
Tuffs Dandy Roan
AQHA #6085705
Foaled: June 15, 2021
Sire: Jags Tuff King
Dam: Docs Skips Cody
Cola is a 2021 gray roan filly that will mature to around 15.3+ hands. She will produce roans 50% of the time. She is color tested: EE, NG, Rn.
Price: $5,000